‘Implicit attitudes’ are quirky things. You might think of them as underlying by-products of past experiences that influence how you feel about something. And that something could be, well, anything!

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WWE is curious to know people’s implicit attitudes about energy. We all rely on energy, every minute of every day, but rarely give it much thought – partly because our energy systems are so well hidden from view.

Problem is, we can’t just ask.

So, we use an implicit association test (IAT) – a psychological tool designed to reveal associations people hold between concepts (e.g. light and dark,) and attributes (e.g. good or bad). It works by asking participants to rapidly match concepts and associated constructs (don’t worry if you’re not sure what that means…you’ll get it once you start!).

Did you see the bit about ‘rapidly’?

Once you click the link below, a new window will open, taking you to a webpage linked to Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

After answering a short survey, you’ll be shown a series of images and words (the IAT). As fast as you can, respond as directed as you move through the test. Don’t even think about taking time to fully process your decisions. According to the creator of the IAT, if you do some rapid-fire clicking for us, we’ll get a good glimpse of your thought processes.

WWE Implicit Association Test

[would be great to add some content about how you’ve developed an energy specific IAT and any insights/results you can share so far]


Fossil fuels 84.3%

Oil: 33%
Oil: 33%

Renewables & low-carbon
sources: 15.7%

Hydro: 6.4%
Nuclear: 4.3%
Wind: 2.2%
Solar: 1.1%
Biofuels: 0.7%
Other*: 0.9%

* Other includes geothermal, tidal and biomass; it does not include traditional biomass, which can be a key energy source in low-income settings.
Source: https://ourworldindata.org/energy-mix