Establishing an effective energy mix depends on many factors in a given context, such as sources of demand, resources available, costs and associated emissions. WWE blogs reflect the perspectives of diverse experts.

It’s high time to talk about high consumers

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By the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR), Sheffield Hallam University, UK 

As the dust settles on COP26 and the climate crisis deepens, it’s a good time to explore a topic that arises whenever such events trigger a concentration wealthy people traveling via private jets.

Champagne flutes Plotted vertically and horizontally, data tracking income and CO2 emissions […]

The humanitarian atom

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By John C. H. Lindberg FRSA

Imagine that I told you that scientists had recently developed a virtually endless energy source, available around-the-clock and irrespective of weather or season, that also had a small footprint. In fact, just a few kilograms of this fuel would be enough to power your entire lifespan, all while being affordable and not emitting climate-altering greenhouse gases (GHG) or life-threatening air pollution.

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