Inside the Ringhals Plant, Sweden

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Nuclear has earned its badge as the most controversial power source. Major accidents, such a Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi, are ‘burnt into’ our collective memory. Yet the urgent need to avert global climate change is putting it back on the global agenda.

Splitting radioactive atoms – typically Plutonium and Uranium – triggers an explosive chain reaction. The two BIG questions that tend to put people in ‘pro’ or ‘con’ camps are: a) how well is that reaction […]

Inside the SYVAV Plant in Malmö, Sweden

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With mountains of stuff we throw away literally ‘going to waste’ in landfills – where it emits greenhouse gases (GHGs) that contribute to global climate change – some countries are turning to garbage as another source of energy.

By incinerating waste from households, businesses and industry, SYSAV supplies both district heating and electricity to local communities in southern Sweden. After decades of operation, the locals also enjoy the benefits […]

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